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What is Lip Lift


Also known as “Lip Flip”, which is also known as the treatment of long upper lip, names such as upper lip lift, upper lip shortening; It is an upper lip shortening surgery performed on people who are not satisfied with the length of the upper lip area and this length distorts the facial proportions of the patient. In lip lift surgery, the area between the upper lip of the upper lip and the base of the columella is evaluated. This surgery is also called “Bullhorn surgery” “Bull horn” in English because of the drawing done.

lip anatomy details

After evaluating the aesthetic units of the lip and its relationship with the face, plans should be made.
What is the normal distance between the nose and lips?
According to the criteria of facial aesthetics, the ideal length of the upper lip is between 12-15 millimeters in the detailed examination of lip aesthetics as book information. This length is a special measurement that can be decided after considering the entire face. If the length in this part is above what it should be and causes discomfort to the person, Lip lift surgery can be planned.

There are serious differences in facial proportions in men and women. The nasal lip distance is longer in men. In women, the length, shape, position, and details of the upper lip are much more important. The fact that the length of the upper lips is suitable for the middle of the face makes people look healthier and younger.

Who is suitable for lip lift surgery?

With age, sagging occurs in almost every part of our face, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, and upper lip such as the neck. The most common need for upper lip lift surgery is seen in advanced ages. Apart from age, the upper lip may be structurally long. Many patients who are interested in lip lift or upper lip shortening are usually unaware of their condition, so they have lip augmentation, but are still not satisfied with the result. Because with lip augmentation, the lips become longer. It takes on a disturbing look.

Lip flip bullhorn surgery planning

Lip flip
Lip flip

In lip lift surgery, planning is done in the form of a canoe. The aim is to create a concealable scar and to ensure that all units of the upper lip accompany the upward movement.
When they are adequately informed after a plastic surgery examination that realizes this situation, they understand their situation and decide on surgery. When the lip is motionless, the distance above the upper lip is excessively long.

If this length is more than it should be, it causes the lower face of the person to appear much longer than it is and the upper lip to appear thin. At the same time, sometimes lip lift surgery may be on the agenda for smile aesthetics. In an ideal smile aesthetic, the movement of the upper lip during the smile should ensure that the teeth are visible at a certain rate. If the distance of the upper lip is more than the ideal ratio, the patient will notice that when he smiles, he covers his teeth and his lips cover his teeth too much. With lip lift surgery, the insufficient appearance of the teeth during smiling can also be corrected.

How is Bullhorn (Lip Flip) surgery performed?

During upper lip lift surgery; In order to shorten the vertical length of the upper lip, excess skin is removed with special planning (like a canoe, like a gull wing) at the base of the nose. An indistinct, concealable and usually undisturbed scar remains on the base of the nose. In some very rare cases, it may be necessary to remove the skin from the lip line, but the possibility of disturbing the scar that will remain here is a little higher, especially in young patients.

Lip lift surgery does not take an hour. It can be done under local anesthesia. One day you will have dressing. Afterward, it is sufficient to apply eye ointment to that area.

How is the recovery process in Lip Flip surgery?

In the healing process of lip lift aesthetics, there is a slight swelling for 72 hours. It can be controlled with cold compresses on the upper lip. The healing of the scars accelerates in a few weeks and the healing continues for about a year, then the scars become indistinct.

Will there be any restriction in lip movements after lip Flip surgery?

Except for the early first one or two days period, there will be no change in your lip movements or restriction in use after lip lift surgery. The aim of this surgery is to bring the distance between the lips and nose to 12-15 mm. In other words, you will not have any difficulty in lip movements unless compelling surgical procedures are performed that will exceed the face proportions.

Will there be enlargement of the nose wings after lip flip surgery?

Excess skin removed by lip shortening surgery is adapted to the base of the nose. This process will cause a feeling of pulling, stretching, and enlargement on the base of the nose and the wings of the nose. However, this appearance and discomfort are completely temporary. This situation, which is especially evident in the first week, disappears within weeks and turns into its natural, planned shape.

Is lip lift surgery permanent?

Like all surgical procedures, lip lift surgery is permanent. However, over time, there may be some changes depending on the aging rate of the people. It would be beneficial for those who had lip shortening surgery, such as eyelid aesthetic surgery, before the age of 35, to know that they may need a similar operation again later in their lives.

Will there be any scars after lip lift surgery?

Of course, there will be scars, but the base of the nose is one of the places where scars can be hidden. While a pink, reddened scar can be seen in the first months, it will become vaguely in skin color within 3-6 months and afterward.

What is the probability of opening the stitches after Lip Lift surgery?

The scar that will remain after the lip lift surgery; is a mark on the base of the nose, which does not exceed the sides of the nose, can sometimes go into the nostrils, sometimes straight, sometimes like a gull wing. It is an operation that should be done without creating excessive tension. The opening of the seams after lip lift surgery may occur very rarely due to infection or unintentional traumatic stress. Normally, there is no opening in the seams unless the opposite occurs.

lip lift, will there be any scars after lip lift?

Is it necessary to perform lip lift surgery again?

Rarely, re-lip lift surgery may be considered in inadequate excisions. 3-6 months is enough for this. Similar processes will occur in the same way. The undesirable result of this surgery is excessive excision, that is, the removal of excess skin. There is no harm in taking a small amount to avoid such situations. The cases of excessive intake should be followed up with the patient and should not be rushed for re-intervention. In the early stages, patients may think that more or less skin is taken, so such a thought and decision before the completion of 3 months is completely wrong and has unfortunate results.

Are those who have lip lift surgery satisfied?

Satisfactory results for most of the patients, as it is performed with local anesthesia, there is no need for a long dressing even during the recovery period, the remaining scar becomes vague after a while, the existing annoying lip is less visible, it provides an immediate improvement, and there are no problems such as pain afterward. It is a promising operation. Adequate planning of the lip lift surgery is the most important factor in making the patient more satisfied with the result.

Are there any harms of lip lift surgery?

Lip lift surgery has no drawbacks except the possibility of excessive shortening of the upper lip. This is not an easy prospect. I recommend that you follow your doctor’s recommendations and limitations in planning upper lip shortening surgery, and trust the doctor who performed your surgery.

Can a non-surgical lip lift be performed?

It is a process also known as non-surgical lip lift (NLL). It is the process of shortening the distance between the base of the nose and the lip with filling or botox.

If lip filling is done inappropriate ways, it can shorten the distance between the upper lip and the base of the nose. However, this procedure, which gives good results in suitable patients, may make the nasal base-lip distance longer in unsuitable patients or with different applications.
Lip botox can also shorten this distance. Low-dose injections into the inner fibers of the upper lip muscle (requires advanced experience) increase the upward rotation of the upper lip by the contraction of the upper fibers of the torus-shaped muscle. Thus, the visible part of the upper lip becomes prominent. This application may cause problems such as cessation of upper lip movements (dummy lip), asymmetries in upper lip movements. In this application, both the patient and the doctor must be conscious and experienced.

What are the prices of Lip lift (Lip Lift, Lip Shortening) surgery?

Lip lift surgery prices are a situation where you can get different prices due to the experience of the doctor who will perform your surgery, local anesthesia or because it will be performed in a hospital environment, but it is a situation that should be decided beforehand whether you are suitable or not.



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