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Botox Brow Lift


Botox Brow Lift Over time, the entire face, which succumbs to the effect of gravity, begins to droop down. Unfortunately, with the downward movement of the temporal region, our eyebrows move downwards together with the forehead.

Today, this situation can be corrected with eyebrow lifting operations and the upper face can be restored with the eyebrow. If desired, by raising the eyebrows, both a v-shaped face can be obtained, and the face can be moved to a much younger age with a combination with temple lift.

Why do eyebrows fall?

Over the years, with the effect of gravity, the subcutaneous tissue melts, the bones are eroded and the skin is worn, and downward displacement occurs in the entire forehead and temple area. The orbital bone, called the orbital rim, is one of the main columns that hold the eyebrow up.

The melting that occurs here, combined with the loss of collagen, causes the eyebrow to fall. At the same time, crow’s feet that occur during smiling are the result of contraction of the muscle called the orbital muscle. Therefore, orbital muscle contraction is one of the reasons that pull the eyebrows down.

What is the ideal eyebrow type?

Botox Brow Lift
Botox Brow Lift

The ideal eyebrow type is generally the eyebrow type where the ends are more raised. While some people find the M eyebrow model more attractive, the model that is considered beautiful in the majority of society is that the eyebrow starts from the normal level and is slightly raised outward. Medically, this appearance can be defined as being parallel to the line formed between the inner canthus and the outer canthus of the eye.

Do droopy eyebrows look tired?

Downward eyebrows make the person look tired even though they are well-rested. As the eyebrows fall over time, excesses appear on the eyelids. There is twitching of the corners of the eyes and excess tissue under the eye. Because of the crow’s feet, the person’s eyes look tired.

Should I have plastic surgery for my eyebrows?

If a fresher and younger look is desired, brow lift surgery can be performed. If there is drooping in the corners of the eyes and eyelids, as well as crow’s feet and drooping on the temple, the eyebrows should be lifted by temporal lifting.

What are the surgical and non-surgical methods of lifting low eyebrows?

While the eyebrows can be suspended temporarily and non-surgically upwards with botox applications and rope suspending methods, they can be permanently lifted by surgery with temple stretching or skin removal methods called temporal lifting.

What does Browlift mean?

Browlift means brow lift. It is possible to make a brow lift with a thread or stretching surgery.

What is the best botox brow lift method?

No one method can be standardized as the best as a botox brow lift method. The surgery model is shaped according to the expectations and wishes of the person. While brow lift with skin removal provides longer-lasting results, endoscopic brow lift also lifts the corner of the eye, offering a more almond eye look.

Am I a good candidate for surgery?

If congenital or with age, there is a downward drop in the corners of the eyes, or if a more raised eyebrow structure or cat eyes appearance is desired, surgery may be considered.

How is the preparation done before the Browlift surgery?
If the browlift will be performed with local anesthesia, it will be sufficient to follow the physician’s recommendations before the operation. However, if the endoscopic brow lift is planned with general anesthesia, anesthesia preparation, fasting for a certain period and drug use will be required.

How is botox brow lift surgery done?

Brow lift surgery can be performed endoscopically with temporal lifting, skin excision above the eyebrow, or by using thread suspension methods.

What are the possible risks or side effects of Browlift surgery?

Risks and side effects vary according to the method to be chosen. Common side effects and risks in each method are hematoma formation, scarring, and infection.

What is the recovery process like after surgery?

In all methods, edema and bruises may occur for an average of 10 days. However, apart from visual problems, the patient can return to his daily life as of the first day.

Is brow lift surgery permanent?

Eyebrow suspension in the thread suspension technique is usually temporary. Brow lift with endoscopic brow lift and skin excision usually gives long-lasting results. Among the methods, lifting by skin excision provides the most permanent results.

What is the Fogli technique?

The Fogli technique is a method of eyebrow lifting, which is applied by entering through the scalp and removing a part of the skin. This method is among the most permanent and frequently used techniques.

What is eyebrow lifting with focus ultrasound?
It is eyebrow lifting using a mechanical method. However, it is temporary and needs to be repeated every year.

What is temporal lift?
Temporal lifting is a temple stretching surgery method. A small incision is made in the scalp and the entire temple area is suspended upwards with the endoscopic method.

Can eyelid lift and eyebrow lift be done at the same time?
Eyelid surgery and eyebrow lifting can be combined in one session. The results will be more effective.

Is temple stretching, eyebrow lifting method, and eyebrow lifting the same procedure?
Temporary stretching is a method. This method can be preferred for eyebrow suspension and eyebrow lifting. However, it should not be forgotten that other methods can be preferred for eyebrow lifting.

What is botox brow lift eyebrow lifting with filler?

Especially, patients with cavities in the upper eyelid area, with the filling applications, not only have a younger look but also raise their eyebrows with the lifting effect of the filling. However, with filling applications, eyebrows rise less than operative methods.

How high are eyebrows raised with eyebrow lift surgery?
Depending on the type of operation to be selected, the elasticity of the person, and the condition of the eyebrow before the intervention, the final localization of the eyebrow changes.

Surgical method or non-surgical method?
Surgical methods give more permanent and more pronounced results than non-surgical methods.

How long is the eyebrow lift with a rope hanger permanent?
Depending on the brand and solubility of the threads used, the duration of the intervention varies between 6 months and 3 years.

What is endoscopic (camera) eyebrow lift? How is it done?
The eyebrow lifting method with a camera can also be expressed as temple lift. The endoscope is entered through the scalp and the eyebrow area is suspended upwards.

Are “temporal lift” temple lift, forehead lift all the same?
While temporal lift and temple lift refer to the same method, forehead lift is the stretching of the entire forehead region.

How are the prices of eyebrow lift aesthetics determined?
Brow lift prices vary according to the method to be chosen. At the same time, pricing varies depending on whether the procedure is performed with local or general anesthesia or the brand of rope.

Will my eyebrows go back to their original shape? Is the result permanent? Is it necessary to repeat the process?
Generally, thread suspension, filling applications, and botox eyebrow lifting interventions are temporary procedures. Repetitions are required at frequent intervals. Surgical interventions are more permanent procedures. However, it should not be forgotten that no surgical method can stop gravity. Surgical interventions take the age back. However, the aging process continues from an early age.

Can it be combined with other facial surgeries? Which can be done with?
More remarkable results can be achieved by combining brow lift operations with all facial aesthetic applications.

Will I have pain?
Headache may occur after brow lift operations. It is controlled with simple painkillers.

Is it preferred by men?
Low eyebrows are one of the most striking and aged areas on the face. For this reason, it is one of the most preferred methods by men.

Is there a difference between raising both eyebrows or raising one eyebrow?
There is a difference as the duration and area of ​​surgery vary.

Will my eyebrows be damaged?

In eyebrow lifting methods, eyebrows are not damaged.

Is the droopy eyelid resolved after the procedure?
After eyebrow lifting, the eyelids are moved upwards because they are in the same area. For this reason, the drooping of the upper eyelid is partially treated.

Is it okay to go into the sea or pool after eyebrow lifting?
It can be entered after a 1 or 2 week recovery period of the method to be chosen on average.

Will it be obvious that I have my eyebrows raised?
A significant lift in the eyebrows may attract attention in the first 15 days. However, after the eyebrows are in place, it is not very clear that the operation was performed.

Will I be put to sleep with general anesthesia?
Depending on the method to be chosen, general anesthesia or local anesthesia can be preferred together with the patient.

Will there be a scar after the Browlift?

If skin removal is planned on the eyebrow, there will be a line-shaped scar on the eyebrow. If the eyebrows are lifted endoscopically, the scar is hidden inside the scalp. In general, there is no trace of eyebrow lifting with rope.

What are my options if the cosmetic result of my brow lift does not reach the goals we have agreed upon?
The method can be changed. You can proceed with another method.

Will there be swelling, bruising?
Generally, there is no long-term swelling and bruising after eyebrow lifting. Those that do go away on average in 1 to 2 weeks.

Is it possible to raise eyebrows with home methods, herbal methods, apparatus, eyebrow bands?
Brow lift has not been scientifically proven with any method used at home.

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